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Atp Science Prototype 8 - Spartansuppz
ATP Science Prototype 8 - Spartansuppz

ATP Science Prototype 8

ATP Science

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ATP Science Prototype 8 

1. What is it? ATP Science Prototype 8 is a transdermal, nitric oxide boosting cream.


2. How to take it? Rub a small amount of cream (5-10ml) onto the target muscle group


3. Cost? $79.95 for a 200ml tube. 



ATP Science Prototype 8 is a patented transdermal cream from Australian company ATP Science.

This has been designed to sustain blood flow to the working muscles and hold nutrients for longer.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Powerful vasodilation and blood flow to the specific muscle you are training
  • Fast acting pumps. Feel this going to work in just minutes
  • Bring up specific body parts. As this is applied as a cream it can be used specifically on lagging body parts to accelerate growth
  • Promote growth and recovery by holding nutrients in the muscle for longer

Rosemary oil is the real secret sauce in this product. It helps to increase mind/muscle connection, increase glucose disposal into the muscle, boost mental clarity and focus very quickly.

This really helps to boost alertness and mental focus activating the SNS. This produces an effect similar to that of caffeine without keeping you awake.

Blood delivers nutrients and the only time when blood flow to the muscles is really significant is while you’re training. This product maximises that effect by keeping blood flow in the working muscle for longer for great muscle building capacity.

How Do I Use It?

Prototype 8 is best rubbed into the target muscle just before training.Rub a small amount of liquid (about 5-10ml) onto the target muscle and massage it into the skin.

Wash your hands after and avoid contact with your eyes.

Should I Take Anything Else For Best Results?

This is perfect to be taken alongside a good pre-workout like Dust V2 or Adrenal Rush V2. These would complement the ingredients in ATP Science Prototype 8 perfectly for amazing pumps.



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