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ATP Science Recomp Stack

ATP Science

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What is the ATP Science Recomp Stack?

As the name suggest this product stack designed to help get you into shape while hanging onto precious lean muscle mass you've worked so hard for.

This product stack has been customised so there is both a guys and a girls version.

Here's what you get:

1 x ATP Science Alpha Venus for girls

1 x ATP Science Alpha Prime for guys

This is a specially formulated female e-tox supplement. It has been formulated to enhance the good effects of estrogen while eliminating the negative side effects.

Estrogen serves a number of vital roles but once it has done that it's ideal to eliminate it from your system to  avoid common symptoms of excessive estrogen.

These include excessive water retention,higher body fat,insulin resistance and mood swings.

Getting your body working correctly again and hormonally balanced provides the optional environment for training harder,improving recovery & burning stubborn body fat.

1 x ATP Science T432 Plus

This is not a fat burner, it's a metabolic catalyst and there's a big difference. T432 Plus has been formulated to optimise the way that your body utilises nutrients.

It works to more effectively utilise carbohydrates and restore insulin sensitivity while optimising your bodies thyroid hormone.

The functioning of your thyroid/thyroid hormone output plays a critical role in your metabolic rate and utilising body fat as an energy source.

T432 Plus primes your body to be more effective at burning body fat but the improvements in insulin sensitivity also carry over to improving muscle building & recovery. 


    For best results take 1 capsule of T432 Plus 3 times daily with food.

    Alpha Venus/Prime: Take 3 capsules 2 x daily with food.

    This stack can be taken for 60 days before taking a break for at least 30 days.


    The ATP Science Recomp Stack is $149.95 and has 180 serves making is $0.83/serve.


    This is ideal to stack alongside a fat burner which has both acetyl l-carnitine and caffeine. For this we would recommend Hybrid Nutrition ACTV8 Shred. This is the ideal combination for maximum fat loss alongside the ATP Science Recomp Stack.