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Axe and Sledge Farm Fed Protein Powder

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Axe and Sledge Farm Fed Protein Powder

Axe and Sledge Farm Fed Protein Powder is a premium whey protein isolate, specifically formulated for the discerning athlete. Derived from 100% grass fed dairy, Farm Fed is low fat, gluten free, GMO- and antibiotic free and contains only natural colours and flavours. This means an incredible dose of whey protein - critical for building and maintaining lean muscle mass - without jeopardising your digestive system or dietary goals.


  • Ultra-pure whey protein isolate
  • 22g protein per 100 calorie serve
  • Low fat and low carb
  • Contains digeseb for improved digestion

Our Thoughts

Farm Fed is the ferrari of whey protein powders. Ultra premium, selectively formulated, and designed to fuel amazing performance, Farm Fed is earning a reputation as one of the cleanest and most effective proteins on the market. Because it is made from such high quality ingredients and avoids the usual fillers, chemicals and additives, Farm Fed is also ultra low calorie and virtually sugar and fat free. What does this mean? Insane muscle gains and better training performance without jeopardising fat loss or other dietary goals.

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