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Blackstone Labs Energy Stack

Blackstone Labs Energy Stack

Blackstone Labs

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The energy stack combines Dust V2 pre-workout with Cobra 6p Extreme powder.

This will provide you the energy you need to stick to your diet to lose body fat but still have the fuel to train hard in the gym.

Here’s what’s in each stack:


This is the latest pre-workout product from Blackstone Labs. It provides clean energy,great focus,proven performance increases and amazing pumps! If you like Angel Dust before you are going to love this. Blackstone really stepped it up a level with this one.

Performance boosting beta-alanine has been increased to a full 3200mg clinical dose.

You also get a blend of caffeine and di-caffeine malate for sustained energy levels throughout the entire workout. The focus on this pre-workout is amazing and you’ll have an amazing drive to train harder for longer.

The standout? The pumps! This was previously a lagging factor but now really sets this product apart.

Strong pumps that last throughout the training session are very impressive on this product.

It also has a nootripic blend with CDP Choline for clean focused energy and mood enhancement. You’ll notice yourself feeling uplifted and ready to go in just minutes of taking it.


Cobra 6p is a powerful thermogenic fat burning powerhouse! This aims to increase your metabolic rate and turn your body into a calorie burning machine.

This uses proven and patented thermogenic ingredients in clinically researched doses so you get the maximum fat burning effect.

This also doubles as a great fat burning pre-workout to take before your morning cardio session.

Energy is strong but very clean and you'll be feeling good while getting into shape.