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Blackstone Labs Extreme Pump Stack - Spartansuppz

Blackstone Labs Extreme Pump Stack

Blackstone Labs

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What is the Blackstone Labs Extreme Pump Stack?

The Extreme Pump Stack from Blackstone Labs is a combination of our most popular pre workout of all time, along with one of the most anticipated pump based pre workouts. 

Here is what you get:

1 x Blackstone Labs Dust V2

1 x Blackstone Labs Hype Extreme

Dust V2 has been quite possibly our most popular pre workout of all time at Spartansuppz. This hard hitting, high energy pre workout gives you consistent results every time you have it.  

Dust V2 packs:

Beta-Alanine: Great for delaying fatigue by buffering metabolic by products.

Taurine: Great for muscular endurance and cell hydration. Train hard without a performance drop.

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate: Perfect to increase mental focus and concentration while training.

Hordenine: Stimulates the central nervous system and improves mental focus.

Agmatine Sulfate: This has become the most popular ingredient when it comes to pumps-for good reason. Agmatine is the precursor to arginine.

L-Norvaline: This is a arginase inhibitor. Arginase inhibits the effect of nitric oxide. This means the other NO boosters in the product can have a much more dramatic effect.

Citrulline Malate: Another nitric oxide booster this works in perfect harmony with the other 2 nitric oxide boosters.When combined with the above two ingredients expect serious pumps!

Caffeine: A combination of standard caffeine, along with Di-Caffeine Malate. This provides clean energy over a long period of time.

Hype Extreme is the newest member of the Blackstone Labs family and was formulated by non other than The Guerilla Chemist. As we know, with anything formulated by The Guerilla Chemist, the products are effective.

Here is what makes up Hype Extreme:

Hydromax Glycerol 2g:  Helps to draw water into the cells to create a cell swelling effect and keep you hydrated.

Sodium Nitrate 1.5g: Increases Nitric Oxide levels in the body much faster than other ingredients increasing vasodilation and blood flow.

Alpha GPC, Rhodiola Rosea & Huperzine 750mg: A blend of 3 different Nootropics that increase mental focus & oxygen to the brain.

How do I take it?

Mix 1 scoop of Blackstone Labs Dust V2 & Hype Extreme in 400-500ml water 15-30 minutes before training.

Warning: this is quite strong combination so we recommend starting out with half a serve of Dust V2.

How much does it cost?

This is $119.95 and packs 55 total serves making it $2.18/serve.

Should I take anything else with this for best results?

To take your pumps to the next level, then adding Blackstone Labs Glycolog. This nutrient partitioner helps load your muscles full of glycogen for optimal pumps and performance.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review
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