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Blackstone Labs Glyco-Dust Stack

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Blackstone Labs Glyco-Dust Stack

1. What Is It? The Blackstone Labs Glyco-Dust stack is a combination of:

2. How Do I Use It? Take 1 serving of Glycolog with your pre-workout meal & use Dust V2 as your pre-workout.

3. How Much Is it?  This stack is $139.95



Blackstone Labs Dust V2:

This has quickly become Australia's favourite pre-workout and for good reason.

Dust V2 uses clinically dosed performance boosters like beta-alanine so you have the fuel you need to push your body harder for longer before reaching fatigue.

You also get a comprehensive pump blend of citrulline malate, agmatine and norvaline. This provides a synergistic effect that delivers not only a good performance boost but amazing pumps as well.

You'll have a clean, dialled in mental focus throughout the entire workout and the energy supply to push it hard right until the end.

This is a hard hitting pre-workout that delivers consistently great workouts every time. 

Blackstone Labs Glycolog

Glycolog is a nutrient partitioning agent which harnesses the power of insulin to maximize performance & recovery.

Insulin is one of the most powerful hormones in the body and can provide a huge advantage for training performance and muscle recovery if utilised correctly.

This product works to shuttle more muscle building nutrients such as an amino acid and glycogen into the muscle cell where it is needed most.

When you take Glycolog alongside your pre-workout meal you're going to experience a whole new level of performance and amazing muscle pumps!

How do I take it?

 For best results take 3 capsules (1 serve) of Blackstone Labs Glycolog alongside your pre-workout carbohydrate based meal. Take one additional serve post-workout with carbs.

Mix 1 serving of Dust V2 in 400ml water 15-30 minutes before your workout.

We'd recommend starting out with half a serve to asses your tolerance as this is a higher energy pre-workout supplement.

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Redcon1 Total War

Has a great buzz to it and will get you through a super tough workout, I got the Rainbow Candy and it was way too sweet for me and hard to get down, but once it’s down it works a treat! Recommend the brand but maybe try a different flavour


Steel Supplements Pumped AF

Killer Labz preworkout

Awesome product at an awesome price . Fast as delivery
Always helpful too. A repeat customer , and hope to do more business!! Keep up the good work

Insane Veinz

Pump is insane, gave it a 4 star because the taste made me gag but i got the unflavoured one and combined it with i am god

Great pricing

Great price for a great product

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