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Blackstone Labs Recomp Rx

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What Is Blackstone Labs Recomp Rx?

Blackstone Labs Recomp RX is a revolutionary, body recomposition agent that is completely non hormonal. This makes it safe for both men and women to use!

Everyone, no matter your overall training goal aims to have a little more muscle & a little less body fat. That is exactly what Recomp RX does! Recomp RX utilises 2 ingredients in excellent dosages to play a variety of roles to improve overall body composition. 

Here is what is in Recomp RX:

  • Ursolic Acid 125mg - Ursolic Acid (UA) has become an ingredient that has received significant attention of late due to really promising signs in research. Ursolic Acid works in both an anabolic (growth) & anti-catabolic (breakdown) way for muscle tissue.  UA has been shown to decrease the activity of 2 of the most catabolic genes in the body, meaning there is much less muscle breakdown. UA also increases the activity of IGF-1 and decreases estrogen allowing a far greater muscle building environment.
  • Banaba Leaf Extract 60mg - Banaba Leaf Extract has been incorporated into Blackstone Labs Recomp RX due to its ability to inhibit the uptake of carbohydrates. This helps to decrease the amount of blood sugar getting converted into body fat.

Other supplements containing UA are generally ineffective. The reason behind this is UA has very poor bioavailability. Enter Blackstone Labs Proprietary Distribution System known as SMEDS. SMEDS increases oral bio-availability of certain ingredients like UA to maximise the benefits.

If you are looking to make significant changed to your body composition, try adding Blackstone Labs Recomp RX to your training and diet regime. 

How Do I Take This?

Take 1 capsule of Blackstone Labs Recomp RX 3 times daily with food.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is $89.95 and 40 serves making is $2.25 a serve.

Should I Take Anything Else With This For Optimal Results?

For an optimal, non hormonal stack from Blackstone Labs, then try stacking Blackstone Labs Anogenin alongside Recomp RX. This natural compound increases muscle protein synthesis by over 200%!

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Waste of money

I understand its natural so i wasnt looking to build any muscle, but hopefully it would help me retain some during a cut. I was cutting on a 500 calorie deficit. I lost size on my mid section which was great, but i also lost size on my arms. Only thing it did was give me a good pump in the gym. Do not waste your money on this under dosed product. Much better things out there to spend money on.

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