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Blackstone Labs Recomp Stack

Blackstone Labs

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Blackstone Labs Recomp Stack

The Blackstone Labs Recomp Stack is a custom product combo designed to help you gain lean muscle mass while losing body fat.

Here's what you get:

1 x Blackstone Labs Epi-Test:

Blackstone Labs Epi-Test is a powerful testosterone booster,anti-estrogen and hardening agent.

It uses proven ingredients in researched effective doses to produce extreme results.

A word on Epi-Test from Blackstone Labs in house formulated The Guerrilla Chemist:

Epi-Test was designed to increase strength and build muscle via arguably the 2 most important pathways: increasing testosterone and decreasing factors that breakdown muscle!  EPI-TEST’s all-star ingredient, EpiCat, was clinically shown not only to increase strength, but also increase the concentration of a protein called follistatin.  Elevated follistatin levels have been shown to decrease myostatin, the molecule responsible for putting the brakes on muscle growth.  Equally important to the formula is the adaptogen ashwagandha- an all-natural herb that has been proven to boost total testosterone levels.  Acacentin is naturally-occuring, powerful aromatase inhibitor to help increase total testosterone levels.  Diindolylmthane and fenugreek extract (50%) were added to control estrogen and DHT levels, respectively.  When combined together, this formula will boost your test levels through the roof, while combating the deleterious effects of estrogen and DHT.

1 x Blackstone Labs Cobra 6p Extreme Powder:

Cobra 6p Extreme is a high energy extreme fat burner.

If you want a fat burner you can really feel going to work,this is it!

Cobra 6p uses powerful thermogenics to increase your bodies metabolic rate and use more fat as an energy source.

You also get a powerful stimulant blend for great energy and clean mental focus during exercise.

With 60 serves and 2 delicious flavours Cobra is also great value for money & very versatile.


Epi-Test: Mix 1 serve in 400ml water 1 hour pre-workout. Take this in the morning on non-training days.

Cobra 6p Extreme: Mix 1 serve in 400ml water first thing in the morning upon waking.


This stack is $159.95 and has 90 serves making it $1.77/serve.


To beef up the fat burning power of this stack you could also add in some Hybrid Nutrition ALCAR for improved fat metabolism. This is an ideal addition to the Blackstone Labs Recomp Stack.