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What is Body War Body Shred?

Body Nutrition Body Shred is a feel good fat burning supplement.

If you want to feel good while getting into shape, this is the product for you.

Although very concentrated Body Shred packs a serious punch!

Body War Nutrition Body Shred takes advantage of powerful energy and mood enhancing ingredients such as caffeine, synephrine and huperzine.

These ingredients work to elevate energy levels and improve mood. They also happen to have a very synergistic effect on sense of well-being.

One interesting thing you'll notice across the Body War Nutrition products is that no artificial colours. This is quite unique and here at Spartansuppz HQ we're big fans. 

This also doubles as an effective pre-workout//exercise supplement.

Body Shred provides hard hitting,fast acting supply of energy within 15-30 minutes of taking the product. Although strong the energy effect is also very clean and long lasting.

How do I use it?

For best results we'd recommend taking 1/2 serve of Body War Nutrition Body Shred in the morning on an empty stomach and an additional serve 15-30 minutes pre-workout in the afternoon.

Please start out with 1 serve at first to asses tolerance as this is a higher energy fat burning supplement.

How much does it cost?

Body War Body Shred is $64.95 and 32 serves making it $2.03/serve.

Should I use anything else with this for best results?

To increase the fat burning power of this product it is ideal to add some acetyl l-carnitine each time you take it.

We'd recommend adding 2gm Hybrid Nutrition ALCAR each time you take your Body War Body Shred.


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