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Body War PreWar

Body War Nutrition

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What is Body War Pre War?

Body War Pre War is a high energy pre-workout supplement.

This has been designed to get your body and mind ready to do battle in the gym.

Body War Pre War uses proven ingredients beta-alanine and creatine to increase performance and buffer fatigue.

These ingredients have been shown to be very effective and also compliment each other very well.

Each serve also has a high dose of betain anhydrous for improved muscle power. This speeds up the energy recycling process for better energy in the gym.

One interesting thing you'll notice across the Body War Nutrition products is that no artificial colours. This is quite unique and here at Spartansuppz HQ we're big fans. 

You then have a comprehensive blend of caffeine,tyrosine and bitter orange for increased energy and mental focus.

Body War Pre War will put you in the zone and have you training like a beast every workout.

How do I use it?

For best results mix 1 serve Body War Pre War in 400ml water 15-30 minutes before training.

We'd recommend starting out with half a serve at first to asses your tolerance.

How much does it cost?

This is $64.95 and 32 serves making it $2.03/serve.

Should I use anything else with this for best results?

Love pumps? Who doesn't right? Stack this with Blackstone Labs Hype for some seriously good muscle pumps. These products compliment each other very well and make a great pre-workout stack alongside Body War PreWar.