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Body War Shred 24

Body War Nutrition

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What is Body War Shred 24?

Body War Shred 24 is a thermogenic fat burning supplement designed to shred stubborn body fat without high amounts of caffeine.

If you're looking to get into shape but don't like the caffeine jitters or want something you can have multiple times a day then this is a great option.

If you want to feel good while getting into shape, this is the product for you.

Although very concentrated Body Shred packs a serious punch!

Shred 24 uses on the best proven and researched ingredients in its fat burning arsenal.

This starts with garcinia cambogia extract. Naturally occurring in citrus fruits this yields a compound called hydroxic citric acid which works to prevent the storage of body fat and stabilise blood glucose levels.

This is excellent for insulin management and preventing the storage of nutrients as body fat.

You'll get a big dose of raspberry ketones. Another naturally sourced ingredient this is a powerful anti-oxidant and increases metabolic stimulation and calorie output during exercise.

You also have other proven thermogenic like african wild mango,green coffee bean and forskolin to send your metabolic rate into overdrive and force it to burn more excess calories.

Pair this with acetyl l-carnitine and you get increased calorie output and the transporter you need to send fat cells to the mitochondria to be burned as an energy source.

How do I use it?

This is a very low caffeine product so we recommend taking 3 capsules (1 serve) in the morning on an empty stomach and another serve in the early afternoon.

How much does it cost?

Body War Shred 24 is $64.95 and 32 serves making it $2.03/serve.

Should I use anything else with this for best results?

To increase the fat burning power of this product it is ideal to add some acetyl l-carnitine each time you take it.

We'd recommend adding 2gm Hybrid Nutrition ALCAR each time you take your Body War Shred 24.