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BPM Labs Complete Energy Stack

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What Is The BPM Labs Complete Energy Stack?

The BPM Labs Complete Energy Stack is a combination of the 2 following products:

The One is a high energy, performance based pre workout from BPM Labs.

BPM Labs have a reputation of formulating strong, intense formula's and The One does not disappoint.

This has just been released with new flavours and formulations to ensure the product tastes as good as the effects.

This is the latest version of BPM Labs The One and contains new additions like Halostachine & Paradoxine™.

Product features:

Carnosyn Beta Alanine:  Increases the amount carnosine within the body to allow buffering of fatiguing by-products. Beta Alanine has been shown numerous times in studies to increase endurance and performance.

Creatine Monohydrate: Increases the bodies production of ATP. ATP is the main source of energy for explosive efforts such as lifting weights, sprinting & jumping. 

L-Arginine Malate: Improves blood flow and circulation in your system to provide superior nutrient delivery to the working muscles. 

L-Arginine AKG: Been shown to increase Nitric Oxide production when used. This opens up blood vessels to allow efficient and effective delivery of nutrients to the cells.

Naringen: Blocks the bodies histamine receptors. Histamine causes you to become sleepy & tired. By blocking this neurotransmitter you are more alert and awake. 

PM Labs Annihilate is a powerful thermogenic fat burning supplement from BPM Labs.

This is the newest version of Annihilate and boy it does not disappoint!

This is one extremely powerful thermogenic supplement designed to amplify your metabolic rate and target stubborn body fat.

This is a new version of Annihilate with far superior taste compared to previous versions. Same great effect, just much better test.

Each serve has:

Taurine: Increases blood flow without increasing blood pressure and heart rate. Taurine is also great for cell hydration and endurance during training.

Caffeine Anydrous: Powerful CNS stimulant with benefits for increasing energy and fat loss. This also promotes better performance. You will notice a better ability to train hard during cardio/HIIT.

Green Tea Extract: Great for fat burning when combined with caffeine. This is also a powerful anti-oxidant.

African Mango: Inhibits glucose getting turned into stored fat.This is very popular as a fat burning compound and for very good reason.

BPM Labs Annihilate is not for the faint hearted but if you want a fat burner with amazing energy and mental focus this is the product for you.

WARNING: This is a very strong product so start out with 1/2 serve at first. The warning label is not a challenge, do not exceed.


Mix 1 scoop of The One 2.0  in 300ml water 15-30 minutes before your workout

Mix 1 serve of BPM Labs Annihilate in 500ml of water first thing in the morning.


This is $159.95 for 80 serves, making it $2.00 a serve.


To optimise performance and recovery, we strongly recommend using an amino acid product such as Hybrid Nutrition Aminoade during your training session. This compliments the ingredients in BPM Labs The One and Annihilate for a good pre/intra-workout combination.

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