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True Mass 1200 by BSN

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True Mass 1200 by BSN

True Mass 1200 by BSN is a high-quality mass gainer. Utilising a high-quality protein blend to provide your muscles with sufficient fuel, True Mass also contains a complex carbohydrate blend, including ultra-high fibre oat powder, for sustained training energy to keep you powered throughout the day. Best of all, True Mass is fortified with an essential nutrient blend, so it helps cover any dietary gaps not filled by daily whole foods.  


  • Extreme Gainer for serious size
  • 1200 calories per serve
  • Contains 50g protein and 220g of carbohydrate 
  • Added nutrients for gut and overall health 

Our Thoughts

If you need to gain serious size, fast, then look no further than True Mass 1200. Containing a huge calorie hit, including an intense dose of protein and carbohydrates, True Mass 1200 will help you reach your weight gain goal without compromising nutrient quality. It’s also tasty and convenient and allows your digestive system a much-needed break from the constant intake of food throughout the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?
BSN True Mass 1200 is a high-quality mass gainer.

As the name suggests this packs a massive 1200 calories to pack on size and weight fast.

This uses a high-quality protein blend to keep your body supplied for longer as well as complex carbohydrates including oat powder with a massive 16g fibre per serve.

With over 50g protein and 220gm of carbohydrates, this is a clean gainer for those who want to put on quality size fast.

If you want to pack on the size you need to eat. But sometimes it can be hard eating enough with whole food alone. Using a mass gainer such as this can help get in the extra calories. It’s also very convenient and a nice break for your digestive system.

True mass 1200 provides a huge hit of quality calories and nutrients to provide your body with the fuel it needs to stay fuelled and grow.

The primary carbohydrate source used it out fibre so you get low GI, slow-digesting energy that will keep you fuelled throughout the day.

With a massive 50gm of protein, you'll also find it much easier to hit your required protein intake for the day.

As always with BSN you also get fantastic flavours you'll look forward to having every time.

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