Bulk Protein by Musashi

Size: 900g
Flavour: Chocolate Milkshake
$45.95 $69.95


Bulk Protein by Musashi

Bulk Protein by Musashi is a moderate calorie, high protein gainer protein ideal for muscle growth, muscle recovery and weight gain. This potent formula packs 26g of protein in every serving and 222 calories in each serve. This Bulk Protein formula high-quality whey protein isolate (WPI) and whey protein concentrate (WPC), making it ideal for drinking throughout the day or post-workout.


  • High protein formula with 26g of protein per serve
  • Anabolic formula with 220+ calories for muscle growth
  • Added Zinc & Magnesium for muscle recovery
  • Perfect for weight gain and bulking

Our Thoughts

If you're looking to bulk up and grow more muscle, Bulk Protein by Musashi is for you. This gainer offers a moderate amount of calories, being 222, making it perfect for people looking to add just a little extra to their daily diet.

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