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What Is Primeval Labs Black Devil?

Primeval Labs Black Devil is an incredibly high energy based fat burner.


Black Devil is not for the faint hearted, this blend of stimulants will help raise your energy levels, surpress appetite, increase mental focus & thermogenic rate. As we know, Primeval Labs do not make any sub-standard products and this does not disappoint either. 

Here's what is in Black Devil:

Caffeine -  The most popular stimulant used in supplements. Caffeine Anhydrous is a central nervous system that helps top increase energy, mental focus and is a mild thermogenic. Primeval Labs have listed the dosage at 300mg which is at the high end of supplement dosage.


Green Tea Extract - Used for its anti oxidant properties, Green Tea Extract has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for generations. Green Tea Extract has benefits for fat burning, diabetes & cancer prevention.


Beta-Phenylethylamine - Commonly known as Beta-PEA, this substance has been shown to help both increase dopamine levels and block dopamine transmittors to slow down the release. Dopamine is the "feel good" chemical and helps to increase brain functioning.


Yohimbine Bark Extract - A popular fat burning substance, Yohimbine helps to release adrenaline in the body. Alongside increasing energy levels, Yohimbine has been shown to have great fat burning properties by inhibiting a regulatory process in fat cells.


Noopept - A nootropic compound that increases mental focus, cognition & brain functioning.


Hordenine HCL -  A highly concentrated form of the stimulant Hordenine. Hordenine HCL helps to stimulate the central nervous system to increase energy, increase fat loss & mental focus. 


This is just a sample of the key ingredients found in Primeval Labs Black Devil. This is an incredibly high stimulant based thermogenic that is going to send your body into overdrive to burn body fat. 


One of the greatest benefits of this product is the addition of ingredients to improve mental focus. There is nothing worse than the inability to concentrate during the final weeks of hard dieting and Black Devil addresses these concerns entirely. 


For best results take 2 capsules of Primeval Labs Black Devil either first thing in the morning or before training. 


Remember, this is incredibly high in stimulants and we recommend starting off with 1 capsule to assess tolerance. NEVER exceed the standard dose of 2 capsules.


This product is $79.95 and 60 serves making it $1.33/serve. 


For a complete fat burning experience, we recommend stacking Black Devil with Primeval Labs Pyretic. Pyretic is a non stimulant based fat burner loaded with ingredients to work synergistically  with Black Devil to promote weight loss.

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