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The Burn Ultra stack is a multi-pathway fat burning stacks from Core Nutritional and Hybrid Nutrition.

Here’s what you get:

1 x Burn Ultra 60 Serves

1 x ALCAR 50 Serves

Core Nutritionals Burn Ultra V2 is a complete thermogenic fat burning supplement.

This is the updated and stronger version of the original Burn Ultra.

The product has been overhauled to be more effective as a fat burner,more energy and completely overhauled flavour systems.

Like everything in the Core Nutritionals range this has been clinically dosed for maximum effect.

Core Nutritionals Burn Ultra V2 aims to increase your metabolic rate for faster fat burning. Using ingredients such as coleus forskohlii & green coffee bean extract your body will be primed to burn more calories throughout the day.

The high doses of these ingredients means you get results faster.

You also have a comprehensive energy/thermogenic blend. Energy levels tend to get low when dieting so the focus blend in Core Nutritionals Burn Ultra V2 goes to work to not only help you fee better but also burn more body fat!

In short, Burn Ultra V2 helps you get into shape faster.

No gimmicks,no tricks and no mystery compounds-just the ingredients that have been proven to work so you get consistent results.

With thermogenic ingredients such as coleus forskilii,olea europaea,garcinia cambogia,green tea extract and raspberry keytones you can rest assured you have proven doses of effective ingredients which it comes to losing body fat.

This also has theobromine and hordenine for great mental focus throughout the day.

Add a moderate dose of caffeine and higenamine and you have a very effective fat burning supplement.

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