Core Nutritionals Core Shred Fat Burner

Size: 50 Serves
Flavour: Pineapple Strawberry
$79.95 $94.95


What Is Core Burn PR?

Core Burn PR is the next step in thermogenic supplements, using effective ingredients in their proper doses to help metabolise fat cells and increase your base metabolic rate to not only help your body to burn more calories but draw on those fat cells for energy as well.


How Much Caffeine Is In Core Burn PR?

Core Nutritionals Fat Burner contains 150mg of Caffeine which is around 1 - 2 standard cups of coffee making it a perfect choice as a lower energy Pre Workout for a good kick to get to the gym! Or just as an early morning riser.

Does Core Burn PR Have Side Effects?

Core Burn PR, as with all Fat Burners, ignites the metabolic fire to get you using fatty acids as fuel, in doing so making you quite sweaty during your chosen exercise. If any problems occur during use, cease and consult your GP.

When To Take Core Burn PR?

For best results for weight loss take Core Burn PR either first thing in the morning to get your body burning fats at a rested state, alternatively Core Burn PR can be used prior to exercise as a Pre Workout.

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