Core Nutritionals ZZZ Sleep Aid

Size: 30 Serves
Flavour: Blueberry Lemonade
$69.95 $89.95


Core Nutritionals ZZZ Sleep Aid

ZZZ is a powerful sleep aid formula, specifically designed by Drug-Free Pro Bodybuilder Doug Miller, to support all aspects of sleep and recovery.

From the first delicious sip, ZZZ helps you to switch off, relax and support you in getting to sleep, no more tossing and turning for hours, or worse staring at the ceiling thinking about the time you wet yourself in front of everyone in Grade 1 - too real?

Once asleep, this works it’s magic to guide you into a deeper and more restful sleep in order to put your body in prime position for optimal recovery.

During your sleep ZZZ utilises key ingredients to promote tissue repair, biosynthesis and enhanced mood.

Key Features

  • Switch off and helps get you to sleep  
  • Promotes a deep and restful sleep
  • Increase productivity throughout the day
  • Maximise recovery

Our Thoughts

As is the case with anything from Core Nutritionals, they take the time to research and test the best ingredients until they formulate a product that they are happy with, ZZZ is no exception.

This ticks all the boxes when it comes to better sleep, rest and recovery.

Proper recovery is essential for muscle repair and growth so ZZZ is the perfect tool to have on hand for nights when you need to make the most out of your rest.


In Each Scoop of ZZZ You Can Expect:

  • 10mg Vitamin B6
  • 450mg Magnesium
  • 30mg Zinc
  • 3000mg GABA
  • 3000mg L-Glycine
  • 1000mg L-Tryptophan
  • 400mg L-Orthinine
  • 250mg Velvet Bean
  • 200mg L-Theanine
  • 150mg 5-HTP
  • 5mg Melatonin

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