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EHPlabs Isolean Stack


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What is the EHPlabs Isolean Stack

The EHPlabs Isolean Stack is a combination of 2 high quality weight loss support supplements in:

1 x EHPLabs Isopept Zero

1 x EHPlabs Oxyshred

EHPlabs Isopept Zero is a lean whey protein isolate.

Reknowned for being the market leaders in weight loss support supplements & flavours, EHPlabs have again nailed this product.

Isopept Zero uses 2 types of protein in whey protein isolate & hydrolyzed whey protein isolate. Both these types of protein are incredibly fast digesting making it ideal to have post workout. Fast digesting proteins are especially suited to people who typically have issues digesting slower digesting protein sources.

After a workout you want to kick start your repair and recovery as quick as possible and 25g of these fast digesting proteins will do just that.

Isopept Zero also contains only 1g of net carbohydrates & 1.5g of fat. This is incredibly low and ideal for anybody trying to lose body fat. 

EHPlabs Oxyshred is easily one of the most popular weight loss support supplements of all time.

Oxyshred is made up of ingredients that help to:

  • Increase thermogenisis
  • Increase fat metabolism
  • Improve immunity 
  • Improve energy
  • Increase calorie expenditure.

One of the main ingredients found in Oxyshred is Acetyl L Carnitine. This powerful amino acid has been shown to help with the transportation of fatty acids for them to be used as an energy source. This ingredient is also great for boosting mental focus & clarity.

We classify Oxyshred as a mild stimulant based product with a moderate serving of caffeine. The addition of this caffeine helps to not only increase your energy & mood, but also help to improve your thermogenic rate.

Oxyshred is available in 6 delicious flavours with 60 servings per tub.



For best results mix 1-2 scoops of EHPlabs Isopept Zero (depending on size-bigger guys go 2 scoops) in 400ml water first thing in the morning with breakfast & again immediately post-workout.

For Oxyshred, mix 1 serving in 400ml of water first thing in the morning and again pre workout.


The 900g stack size is $149.95 for 90 servings making it $1.67/serve.

The 2.3kg stack size is $199.95 for 135 servings making it $1.48/serve.


To complete your fat burning experience, try adding EHPlabs Oxysleep to your stack. Oxysleep is a complete non stimulant based thermogenic with added ingredients to help you get a far more restful sleep.