Elite Casein by Dymatize

Size: 1.8KG - 4.0LB
Flavour: Chocolate
$109.95 $142.94


Elite Casein by Dymatize

Elite Casein by Dymatize is a premium micellar casein protein powder. Known for its slow digestion properties and sustained energy release, casein provides up to 25g of micellar protein with every service, enabling a steady amino acid release for up to 7 hours. Because of its digestive profile and ability to fuel all day (or all night) gains, many athletes choose casein protein just before bedtime, enabling overnight recovery and muscle regeneration literally while they sleep.


  • High-quality micellar casein
  • 25g protein per serve
  • Slow-release for sustained energy and recovery
  • Zero Banned Substances

Our Thoughts

We have always been big fans of casein protein because of the role it plays in muscle recovery and sustained amino acid release. Dymatize’s Elite Casein is no exception - a premium quality pre-bedtime supplement that will fuel muscle growth while you sleep, it’s also high in calcium for bone health and contains dietary fibre for gut health too.

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