Faction Labs Uppers Pre Workout

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Faction Labs Uppers Pre Workout

Uppers by Faction Labs are an ultra-high energy pre-workout capsule loaded with natural caffeine and other ingredients to get you moving. With a massive range of vitamins and minerals, plus a proven stimulant blend including 100mg of caffeine, uppers support energy production and replenishment, enable enhanced mental clarity and functioning, and even help regulate thyroid gland health and hormone production. Uppers are a general health supplement that unleashes a world of opportunities for aspiring athletes.


  • Ultimate energy capsules
  • 100mg of natural caffeine per serve
  • Improve cognitive function and concentration
  • Support fat burning and thermogenesis

Our Thoughts

Faction Labs Uppers are the perfect way to get a bit more pep in your step ahead of a tough workout! Specifically blended to support athletes of all denominations, Uppers offer a range of physical and mental benefits including improved energy, focus, mood, and even thyroid function. So don’t let fatigue or flagging energy stand in the way of your dream physique - watch how Uppers can improve all aspects of your training performance.

AUST L 376610

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