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FKN Loaded Gym Bag

FKN Gym Wear

  • $ 59.95 AUD


The FKN Loaded Gym Bag is made for lifters.

We understand you need to have your outfit complete and co-ordinated.

This bag is big enough to fit everything you need to hit the gym. Shakers, gym towels, a few supps and your favourite singlet for arm day all at once.

Light-weight and with convenient carry handles or adjustable shoulder strap options.

100% polyester so it’s built to be tough and stand the test of time.

This is a boss looking bag designed for both girls and guys who lift.

Not a bag you’ll want to hide in your gym locker.

The FKN Loaded Gym Bag is also extremely light weight and features a wide opening and tons of open space.

Easily fit your training kicks,accessories and an outfit for after training all in the one bag. 


It’s a gym bag so one size fits all but you also get a adjustable shoulder strap to fit bodies of any length.


  • Australian designed & owned
  • Black bag with white print
  • 60cm long 30 cm high
  • Large front pocket
  • Official FKN Gym Wear
  • FREE shipping in Aus
  • $9.95 shipping world wide-stock up and take advantage of us :)

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