FUBAR by Redcon1

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Colour: Blue Raspberry
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Redcon1 FUBAR

- High Dose Of Quick Release Caffeine

- Convenient Ready To Drink Bottle

- Supports Mental Focus

- Hard Hitting and Long Lasting

- Essential Vitamins and Electrolytes To Prevent a Crash

What is Redcon1 FUBAR?

FUBAR means fuelled up beyond all recognition. This is a military term used when you are all charged up and ready to go.

That is exactly what FUBAR primes you for! This bottle might be compact but it packs a serious amount of energy and focus to tackle any the toughest of missions.

With 400mg of caffeine per bottle you'll have unrivalled energy from the worlds fastest growing supplement brand Redcon1.

What are the key ingredients in FUBAR?

Caffeine blend: This is combination of fast acting caffeine anhydrous, guarana and kola nut to provide a sustained release of energy.

Choline: This ingredient is excellent for improving mental focus and cognition. It's excellent for improving memory and retention making it excellent for studying.

Neuro Blend: With a big dose of taurine combined with theobromine and shisandra you'll be in the zone to perform.

Vitamin B12-Promotes the release of natural energy and prevents crashes

Who is this for and should I take anything else for best results?

FUBAR has been formulated to be a ready to drink solution for anyone looking to maximise energy and focus! This energy drink packs a serious punch but is small enough to keep in your gym bag, the car and even at your office desk to be ready to go at all times.

If you're studying, on the tools, in the office or the gym, FUBAR is your fuel source ro crush the task at hand.

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