Gangsta Knee Sleeves by Sling Shot

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Sling Shot Gangsta Knee Sleeves

- Thicker than tradition knee sleeves (9.5mm)

- Maximum compression and support for extreme performance

- Approved in Strongman, Crossfit and Weightlifting

- Improved potential in max effort lifts

- Sold as a pair

What are Sling Shot Gangsta Knee Sleeves?

Thicker than your traditional knee sleeves, the Gangsta Sleeves are 9.5mm thick providing the maximum amount of support and stability to ensure optimal performance. All Sling Shot Knee Sleeves are made for lifters, by lifters, and the Gangsta Sleeves are their latest iteration of high intensity knee sleeves.

These sleeves provide the support and rigidity of a medium knee wrap, without the hassle of wrapping and unwrapping constantly. Due to the increased thickness of the sleeve, they are able to keep the knee warm and mobile in addition to the extra support. They are comfortable enough to be worn for an entire training session, without the cut off of blood flow from a traditional heavy knee wrap.

With the Sling Shot Gangsta Knee Sleeves you can expect an increase "rebound" out of the bottom of a squat, with enough support to improve your potential in maximum effort lifts.

Overall, these thick, high intensity knee sleeves are for those looking to get the most out of their gym session, and the most out of their lifts.

Size Chart

S 13 - 14 in 30.5 - 35.5 cm
M 14.25 - 15 in 35.5 - 38 cm
L 15.25 - 16 in 38 - 40.5 cm
XL 16.25 - 17 in 40.5 - 43.25 cm
2XL 17.25 - 18 in 43.25 - 45.75 cm
3XL 18.25 - 19 in 45.75 - 48.25 cm
4XL 19.25 - 20 in 48.25 - 50.75 cm

Who would benefit from these?

These sleeves are aimed at strength athletes looking for a thick, strong knee sleeve ideal for heavy training and maximum effort lifting. These sleeves also provide the support to keep the knee healthy long term over consistent training sessions.

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