Gangsta Knee Wraps by Sling Shot

Size: 2.0m
Colour: Black
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Sling Shot Gangsta Knee Wraps

  • Available in 2m and 2.5
  • Extreme support
  • Superior rebound
  • Maximal stopping power

The Gangsta Knee Wraps by Sling Shot is the next level of knee wrap, these are designed to be one of the stiffest wraps on the market.

Being that they are so stiff, they are designed for the hardcore, heavy squatters who like a really solid cast. This solid "cast" style of wrap allows for really good support during the downward portion of the squat, great stopping power and a really powerful pop up out of the hole.

These are definitely not for the faint of heart but if you are looking for the best, most supportive and hardcore wrap, then look no further than Sling Shots Gangsta Wrap.

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