Gangsta Knee Wraps by Sling Shot

Size: 2.0m
Colour: Black
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Gangsta Knee Sleeves by Sling Shot

Gangsta Knee Sleeves by SlingShot are ultra-thick performance training aid that will give you squat depth and knee protection like never before. At 9.5mm thick, Gangsta Knee Sleeves are above the 7mm thickness sanctioned for a powerlifting competition - but the extra thickness provides more warmth, more support and greater rebound. The ideal knee sleeve for the off-season, or for lifters who simply want to add weight outside of the competition environment, Gangsta Knee Sleeves will prevent injury and encourage safety in all lifts, even when you’re maxing out a new PB.


  • Ultra supportive knee sleeves
  • Hefty 9.5mm thickness
  • Prevent knee injury
  • Encourage increased max lifts

Our Thoughts

What if there were a non-pharmacological intervention that would instantly increase your max lift and decrease your injury lift? Gangsta Knee Sleeves do just that - offering level 5 compression for maximum support, maximum warmth and minimum inconvenience. Certified for strongman, CrossFit and weightlifting, Gangsta Knee sleeves can support you on the competition floor or simply help you get lower in the squat, with more weight on the bar, in your everyday gym session.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?
The Gangsta Knee Wraps by Sling Shot is the next level of knee wrap, these are designed to be one of the stiffest wraps on the market.

Being that they are so stiff, they are designed for the hardcore, heavy squatters who like a really solid cast. This solid "cast" style of wrap allows for really good support during the downward portion of the squat, great stopping power and a really powerful pop up out of the hole.

These are definitely not for the faint of heart but if you are looking for the best, most supportive and hardcore wrap, then look no further than Sling Shots Gangsta Wrap.

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