GDA by Chemix

Size: 180 Capsules
Flavour: Unflavoured
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GDA by Chemix

GDA By Chemix is a comprehensive Glucose Disposal Agent. GDA supplements have become incredibly popular as of late and for good reason, GDA’s are able to mimic the effects of Insulin, a hormone created by your pancreas, it controls the amount of glucose in your bloodstream and your body’s metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

Key Features

  • Improve carbohydrate metabolism
  • Improve nutrient partitioning
  • Maintain healthy blood glucose levels

Our Thoughts

As always, The Guerilla Chemist has delivered an ultra-premium, science-based supplement. Insulin Commonly referred to as the most anabolic hormone in the body, the benefits of insulin are pronounced with the main benefit of this product being to help store glucose in skeletal muscle where it can be used as energy, rather than as body fat - more efficient nutrient partitioning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?
This is an ultra-premium glucose disposal agent

How do I use it?
Take one serving with 250 millilitres of water

Key Ingredients:

  • Bitter Melon Extract: stimulate insulin release, increase skeletal muscle glucose uptake and utilization
  • Banaba leaf Extract: Helps control blood sugar and helps increase glucose into cells
  • Alpha Lipoic acid: A fatty acid that manages blood glucose levels and increase insulin sensitivity

Why take GDA?
Want to give yourself the best chance to succeed in your health and fitness journey? GDA by Chemix is a great way to take control of an overlooked aspect that can have great benefits in terms of gains, but also overall health.

How do I take this?
Simply take one serving (3 capsules) with 250 milliliters of water, alongside a high carb meal.

Who can take GDA?
Just about anyone can take this, however, it is not recommended for those who are under 18, pregnant, nursing or contemplating pregnancy.

Does it have any side effects?
In healthy individuals, following the recommended doses there are not likely to be any side effects - please consult a health professional if you notice any adverse effects.


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