Green Tea X50

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What is Green Tea X50?

As the name suggest Green Tea X50 is a tea based energy/fat burning supplement from Tribeca Health.

Each serve of X50 contains as much as 20 cups of tea to help your body burn more stubborn body fat.

Green tea is very common in fat burners being utilised for its ability to increase metabolic rate,fat oxidation and energy boosting properties.

No doubt you've already heard about the health benefits of tea before. This product packs a whole lot of those into a single serve so you can harness not only the health benefits but also the fat burning advantages it presents as well.

Tea is naturally rich in anti-oxidants and in a compound called polyphenols which contain flavanoids and catechins. These are both very powerful anti-oxidants and help to prevent the oxidation of cells in the body. They also prevent the formation of free radicals which cause cellular damage and increase the rate of ageing.

Green Tea X50 is also a source of natural caffeine.This is excellent for general energy levels,mood and brain function. It also helps give you a nice little kick before your training session to help push through the workout.

The real benefit of tea however is its fat burning properties. Studies on this compound show it is very beneficial for increasing metabolic rate and forcing your body to expend more calories.

This translates into more fat being utilised as an energy source so you can into great shape faster.


For best results we’d recommend taking 1 serve of this product mixed in 400ml water in the morning on an empty stomach.

You can also have an additional serve of this in the afternoon as a fat burning pick me up.


This product is $59.95 and 60 serves making is $1.00/serve.


To boost up the fat burning benefits of this mix in a scoop of Hybrid Nutrition ALCAR each time you take it.Acetyl l-carnitine is a fat metaboliser so compliments the ingredients in Green Tea X50 perfectly.

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