High Performance Nutrition Nr by High Performance Nutrition

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High Performance Nutrition NAD3

1. What is it? HPN NAD3 is a compound which boosts NAD levels in the body for better metabolic rate, mental function and anti-aging.

2. How to take it? For best results take 1 serve upon rising on an empty stomach.

3. What is it? $84.95 for one full month's supply.

High-Performance Nutrition NAD3 is a niagen boosting supplement designed to stimulate an increase in Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) levels.

If you play any kind of contact sports such as football, soccer etc then you should be taking this product.

Increasing NAD+ cellular levels has a number of health and performance benefits. If you are involved in a collision and you are taking Nr then your neurons (brain cells) will be much better prepared to handle this. Prevention of damage-like insurance for your brain/memory.

This also helps to increase mental function and memory function. You will find you have better energy and brain function throughout the day. Mental tasks will feel easier and you’ll be able to stay on point for longer with fewer memory faults.

Another standout of this is the metabolic benefits. It helps to transfer more fatty acids into ATP/energy. It creates more powerful fat burning cells and also increases the amount of them. This also transfers into better muscular endurance without the use of stimulants.

Another benefit is the anti-aging effects. Delay cellular fatigue and slow the aging process to stay younger for longer.


The real standout of High-Performance Nutrition NAD3 is the long term health benefits. It is creating neural, cellular and physiological changes in the body.

This is not a pre-workout or a real energy kick,however, you will feel it going to work throughout the day.

This is a product that everyone can take for better metabolic and mental health as well as the anti-aging effects.


For best results, you should take 2 serves of High-Performance Nutrition NAD3. This can be taken in either 1 or 2 serves throughout the day. This is best taken in the morning upon rising and does not need to be taken with food.


For general health, we highly recommend using a health or phytoformula product like Redcon1 GI Juice. This is a great health stack when combined with Nr.