Hybrid Performance Nutrition F1 Test

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Hybrid Performance Nutrition F1 Test

Hybrid Performance Nutrition F1 Test is a cutting edge new testosterone boosting supplement. It uses simple yet extremely effective ingredients designed to work in sync with each other to provide the most effective supplement possible.

This will dramatically enhance your natural testosterone production and also lower estrogen for a leaner,drier look in addition to providing the optimal muscle building environment.

When it comes to building muscle-testosterone is king. It allows for increased strength,faster recovery and more muscle.

The real secret however is increasing your free testosterone. This is the leftover portion which can be used for building muscle. Once test is bound-it is pretty much useless for growth purposes. Hybrid Performance Nutrition F1 Test drives natural test production into overdrive. It also works to limit conversion into estrogen.

This means you get increasingly higher levels of free test.

You won’t notice a dramatic effect straight away but after a week you’ll start feeling stronger with better energy in the gym.

This ‘lag’ at the start is picked up at the end as your body will continue to overproduce testosterone even after stopping.

You will notice increased strength,better endurance and faster recovery. High test levels mean you can train harder,eat more and recover faster between workouts. Making progressions faster transfers into more muscle in the long term and consistent gains you keep/


Take 1 serve of Hybrid Performance Nutrition F1 Test in the morning before rising and another in the evening before going to bed.

For optimal results we’d recommend using this product for 2 bottles then taking a break for 4 weeks.


This is $69.95 and 25 serves making it $2.79/serve.


For even better results take this alongside Blackstone Labs Anogenin. These compliment each other perfectly very effective results when combined with Hybrid Performance Nutrition F1 Test.

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