Insane Labz Possessed Stack by Insane Labz

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What is the Insane Labz Possessed Stack?

The Insane Labz Possessed Stack is a combination of the following 2 products:

1 x Insane Labz I Am God or 1 x Insane Labz Psychotic

1 x Insane Labz Nightmare

Insane Labz I Am God is quite simply the strongest pre-workout on the market today.

If you're psychotic, or even a little possessed then this is the pre-workout for you.

If you've tried Psychotic then you know Insane Labz don't mess about when it comes to putting out some seriously strong products.

This is a complete performance boosting pre-workout which combines proven ingredients to drive your through your workout.

Energy comes from a blend of caffeine anhydrous and a patented caffeine called infinergy. This provides a fast acting burst of energy that gets you going very quick but also sustains you throughout the entire workout. Infinergy provides you with a smooth decline back to normal so you get epic workouts and no post-workout crash!

You also get a big dose of creatine monohydrate and beta-alanine which provide the fuel to power your workouts and blast through plateaus.

This is not your average 2-3 scoops required entry level pre-workout. I Am God uses patented ingredients and true one scoop maximum formula to deliver insane energy and focus in the gym.

Insane Labz Nightmare is a highly potent sleep aid formula.

If you're psychotic, or even a little possessed then this is the sleep aid you need to grow and recover.

We all know how import it is to get a good nights sleep to recover, but this is often easier said than done.

Nightmare has been formulated to get you to sleep and keep you asleep so you can actually recharge.

This increases R.E.M. (rapid eye movement) sleep which is the state of sleep when you really recover and charge the batteries.

Insane Labz have increased the absorption and effectiveness of this product by adding their tradearked ingredient Oxygold. This enhances the absorption and effect of the ingredients so you get a more intense product and a better nights sleep.

When you take Nightmare you can be assured of getting a great nights rest and waking up refreshed and ready to go the next morning.


For best results mix 1 serve of Insane Labz I Am God in 400ml water 15-30 minutes before your workout.

NOTE: We'd recommend starting out with half a serve to asses tolerance as this is a very high energy pre-workout supplement.

Mix 1 serve of Insane Labz Nightmare in 500ml of water before trying to go to sleep.


This stack is $129.95!


Love pumps? Then stack this alongside Insane Veinz for some crazy pumps in the gym! This is a non stimulant pre-workout and stacks alongside this pre-workout perfectly.