Ember by Inspired Nutraceuticals

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Inspired Nutraceuticals 3MB3R

- Increase Caloric Output

- Increase Physical Energy

- Assist to utilise fats as a fuel source

- Increase mental clarity and focus

- Assists to Reduce Cortisol Levels (stress levels)

What is Inspired Nutraceuticals 3MB3R?

This is an ultra-premium, high quality, stimulant based fat burner that will heat you up like no other product can. Inspired Nutraceuticals is known for sourcing some of the most effective ingredients available to give you the best results on their products & this is no exception.

With highly dosed ingredients for promoting increases in calorie burning, improve the bodies potential to use fats as fuel, increase in physical & mental energy, and improve mental focus.

This was designed to take fat burning to the next level. High energy fat burners full f nothing but stimulants do not necessarily equate to fat loss! These ingredients make your body work hard for its energy output, putting you in a very effective state of fat loss.

What are the key ingredients in 3MB3R?

Ashwagandha 300mg - Natural herb that has been shown to lower cortisol, increase testosterone production & support recovery. High cortisol levels have been shown to make it increasingly difficult to lose weight, specifically stubborn body fat.

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate 1500mg - L-Carnitine L-Tartrate is a highly effective ingredient that helps to improve fatty acid transportation and athletic performance. Fatty acids from your body attach to L-Carntine in our blood to be transported and used as fuel. The more L-Carntine you have, the more fat that can be used.

Dynamine - Dynamine is one of the hottest new stimulants on the market to increase energy and performance. It has also been shown to improve mental cognition and memory retention.

Gamma Butyrobetaine Hydrochloride 30mg - Helps to stimulate and increase the bodies natural production of L-Carnitine. This overall creates a far better fat burning environment, and increases the bodies ability to store more L-Carntine

Higenamine Hydrochloride - Is a chemical found in a variety of plants that exhibit anti-asthmatic properties. Higenamine dilates the bronchial tubes, making it a beta(2) adrenergic agonist. Higenamine is used as a fat burner because its effects are similar to that of ephedrine - by stimulating the same beta receptors in the body as ephedrine, higenamine helps increase metabolic rate, increase caloric expenditure (burn fat), and elevate energy levels

Who is this for and should I take anything else for best results?

For those looking for a high quality fat burner, with a great stimulant blend for performance rather that blowing your head off for absolutely no reason. This is a very well rounded product, designed with a user preference of 1-2 scoops, depending on how intense you want the effects to be. A fantastic pairing product would be Inspired Nutraceuticals AMINO which will help to replenish the electrolytes lost in sweat, and repair the damaged muscle tissue from the training session.

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