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Inspired Nutraceuticals AMINO

- High Dose Essential Amino Acid

- Assist with muscle recovery

- Improve hydration and electrolyte intake

- Vegan-friendly option

What is Inspired Nutraceuticals AMINO?

AMINO is loaded with all nine essential amino acids (EAAs), which included a full 5gram dose of BCAA's, with electrolytes, and AstraGin to top it all off. Amino provides the highest quality EAA sources while also happening to be vegan friendly.

While BCAA supplementation alone has been shown to stimulate 22% more muscle protein synthesis (MPS) following resistance exercise, EAA supplementation (which includes BCAA's) has been shown to have a 50% greater MPS response.

AMINO, therefore, can help repair and rebuild lean muscle, improve sports performance, hydration, and absorption of other protein within your diet.

What are the key ingredients in AMINO?

Branched Chain Amino Acids 5000mg: A staple in every good intra-workout recovery supplement, BCAA's make up 3 of the 9 Essential Amino Acids. The blend uses a proven 2:1:1 ratio for maximum protein synthesis.

Essential Amino Acids 3000mg: Includes the other 6 Essential Amino Acids to complete the product, making it a highly effective total ratio of all 9 Essential Amino acids. Most current research suggests that having all 9 EAA's inclusive of BCAA's is the most effective for recovery.

Aquamin Soluble 500mg: Derived from Seaweed, these essential electrolytes help with hydration of the body, maintaining healthy body functions and preventing fatigue factors, including cramps.

Who is this for and should I take anything else for best results?

For anybody looking to boost hydration, recovery and have a delicious sugar free/calorie-free drink to go along with it. This product can be stacked with absolutely anything. It is especially effective when paired with products that may induce increased sweating as it will replenish the electrolytes lost in sweat, and repair the muscle tissue damaged in training. These include the Inspired Nutraceuticals Pre Workout DVST8 or Fat Burner 3MB3R

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