Spartans Spring Apparel Launch
Spartans Spring Apparel Launch

Unisex Inverse Hoodie - Black

Size: S
Color: Black
$59.95 $74.95


Inverse Hoodie - Black by Spartans Apparel

Spartans Black Inverse Hoodie is the ultimate way to keep warm while you work out. A premium training hoodie designed to withstand the cold in those early winter mornings at the gym, the Spartans Black Inverse Hoodie features an eye-catching logo design and is crafted from quality fleece for unbeatable warmth and comfort.


  • Premium unisex training hoodie
  • Black-on-black inverse design
  • Fabricated for warmth
  • Durable yet lightweight

Our Thoughts

Spartans Black Inverse Hoodie is not your average training jumper. Crafted from premium fabric designed to allow breathability while still providing a nice warm barrier to winter chills, the Black Inverse Hoodie will ensure your muscles are warmed and primed before you jump into any gruelling sets. Plus, its unisex design means you can share it with your significant other (just be careful they don’t make it a permanent feature of their own wardrobe!)

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