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Iron Rebel Rhino Knee Wraps

Iron Rebel Rhino Knee Wraps

Iron Rebel

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What is the Iron Rebel Rhino Knee Wraps?

The Iron Rebel Rhino Knee Wraps are perfect for those transitioning into wrapped lifting.

These are relatively easy to get used to but don't be  fooled-these have been used to break countless world records!

The softer elastic construction in these means they are suitable for self-wrapping with maximum strentch and even tension throughout the entire wrap.

These knee wraps will provide more stopping power as well as a bigger rebound out of the hole for a more explosive,powerful squat.

These were tested by more than 20 of the top lifters on the planet and multiple national and world record holders so you know they can withstand a beating.

This high degree of quality also means you have a product that stays consistent in its performance the entire time you use it.Iron rebel mini sleeves are built to set world records to have to be strong enough for the best in the world.


    • 2.5m in length-maximum legal length in most federations
    • Softer elastic for a consistent tension wrap