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Iron Rebel Mini Sleeve

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What is the Iron Rebel Mini Sleeve?

The mini sleeve is a forearm and elbow support for the squat,bench,deadlift and any other lift in the gym that places stress on this area.

This works to provide light compression which relives pain associated with tendonitis.

This prevention can also be good for preventing potential strains and pains in these area.

If you have pain in the bicep/tricep region added a Iron Rebel Mini Sleeve will provide a welcome relief.

Ultra-comfortable you will be able to wear these throughout the duration of your workout.

These were tested by more than 20 of the top lifters on the planet and multiple national and world record holders so you know they can withstand a beating.

This high degree of quality also means you have a product that stays consistent in its performance the entire time you use it.Iron rebel mini sleeves are built to set world records to have to be strong enough for the best in the world.

How to use them:

  • Slide the mini sleeve onto the exact area where the pain originates from
  • Keep throughout the duration of your workout
  • This can be used on forearms,elbows and even knees
  • Be sure to measure the exact area you will be placing the sleeve


  • For firm tightness order 1-1.5 inches down from the size of the measured area
  • For tight/compressive fit order 2 inches down from the size of the measured area


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Customer Reviews

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Hip circle

Fast postage quality item. Will buy from again.

Fun and Practical

Using this provided me with some of the best gym sessions I’ve ever had. Throwing around weights I never thought possible for reps. Amazingly fun and practical aswell. CNS overloading is proving a useful technique, allowing me to push harder and increase my natural work capacity.

Fast efficent service

Good price and my order turned up two days later.


If i could give 6 stars i would! Best sleeves I've ever tried!

great product and good sizing

I have had a slingshot recovery for more than a year, it works well until recently my arms got too big to fit in. Since my bench has gone up as well, I decided to get more support from the slingshot and get the full boar for a size up and it fits very well. I cannot tell the difference between full boar and the normal one during the bench press. btw, I like the vivid yellow color, it looks great.

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