Iron Rebel Performance Knee Sleeves - Spartansuppz
Iron Rebel Performance Knee Sleeves - Spartansuppz
Iron Rebel Performance Knee Sleeves - Spartansuppz

Iron Rebel Performance Knee Sleeves

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What are the Iron Rebel Performance Knee Sleeves?

The Iron Rebel Performance Knee Sleeves are a competition style knee sleeve.

These provide a light compression and also work to keep the joint warm and secure.

Unlike knee wraps sleeves are much easier to get on and can be worn throughout the entire workout.

These took over one year of development and testing to bring you the highest quality knee sleeve on the market today.

These were tested by more than 20 of the top lifters on the planet and multiple national and world record holders so you know they can withstand a beating.

Constructed from a high grade 7mm neoprene these sleeves provide a high degree of warmth,support and spring out of the bottom of the squat.

You also get double stitching which helps keep knee very well supported and tracking correctly in the middle of the knee sleeve.

These high quality materials mean you have a high integrity product with no break in time.

This high degree of quality also means you have a product that stays consistent in its performance the entire time you use it.Iron revel performance knee sleeves are built to set world records to have to be strong enough for the best in the world.

If you have trouble with knee pain,train legs hard or want to take your strength/performance to the next level-these are the sleeves you need in your training.

How to use them:

  • Slip the sleeve over your ankle
  • Fold the sleeve in half so the logo print is facing inward
  • Grab the bottom of the sleeve and slide up until it comfortable covers the knee
  • Unfold the sleeve to ensure the knee is complete covered


  • Allowed in all powerlifting federations except the IPF
  • 7mm neoprene thickness
  • 30cm in length


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