Its Banana's Protein Bar by Macro Mike

Size: Single
Flavour: Its Bananas
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It’s Bananas Protein Bar by Macro Mike

Its Bananas Protein Bar by Macro Mike is a delicious, plant-based protein bar for every athlete. Naturally formulated from delicious wholefood ingredients like dates and rice malt syrup, Its Bananas protein bar is 100% vegan and free from artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners, With a blend of banana and peanut butter flavour, the It’s Bananas Protein Bar is sure to entertain even the fussiest of tastebuds, without any synthetic additives or potential allergens like gluten or dairy.


  • Natural plant-based protein bar
  • 151 calories and 11g protein per serve
  • Naturally derived
  • Allergen-free and vegan-friendly

Our Thoughts

Macro Mike’s It’s Bananas protein bar is delicious and nutritious. Many people are trying to go plant-based, or at least minimise dairy consumption - and it’s business like Macro Mike, and products like their protein bars, which make this possible! With zero dairy or gluten, Its Bananas is easy to digest and suitable for most diets, and it’s large protein content makes it a versatile post-workout snack to get you closer to those fitness and muscle-building goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Macro Mike We Jammin Protein Bar?
Macro Mike's new Strawberry Jam Donut Protein Bar!

Protein blend (peanut protein, pea protein, rice protein, coconut sugar, coconut milk powder, natural flavour, himalayan rock salt, guar gum), rice malt syrup, date paste, shredded coconut, coconut oil, dairy free white choc chips (cocoa butter, raw sugar, rice syrup, vanilla extract, sunflower lecithin.

Who would benefit from this?
These high protein vegetable based bars are suitable for anyone looking to increase their daily protein intake, especially if they are partaking in a vegan based diet. With MCT oils for a slow natural release of energy and rich fibre sources, these bars are a great addition to anyones diet.

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