Kaged Muscle Well Being Stack

Kaged Muscle Well Being Stack

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What Is The Kaged Muscle Well Being Stack?

The Kaged Muscle Well Being Stack is a combination of the following 3 essential products:

Kaged Muscle Hydra Charge is your number 1 product to defend against dehydration & promote general health from Kris Gethin. 

Kaged Muscle has become infamous in recent times due to their un-rivalled transparency with their products & using only the absolute highest quality ingredients.

Hydra Charge is not your standard intra workout style of supplement. This has been specifically designed to be utilised pre, during, post workout or any other time during the day.

Each 4.7g serve of Kaged Muscle Hydra Charge contains:

  • Taurine 1g - The amino acid Taurine helps with neurological development, along with regulating water & mineral salts in the blood. Taurine has also been shown by science to play a significant role when it comes to producing muscular strength and power, so maintaining adequate levels is vital to continue performing at your peak.
  • Spectra 100mg - Spectra is a unique blend of fruit, vegetables & herbs that are highly concentrated to improve various physiological actions in the human body. Spectra is naturally high in anti oxidants that help to combat the devastating effects of free radicals in the body. Spectra has also been shown to increase oxygen uptake at the muscles to lead to significantly better performance.
  • Coconut Water Powder 500mg - Naturally high in electrolytes to increase hydration and performance. Will also aid with endurance and prevention of muscular fatigue.

Kaged Muscle spare no expense with their products & their Glutamine is no different. Fermented Glutamine is one of (if not the) highest quality form of Glutamine available on the market. Most companies prefer to use a cheaper source of Glutamine that is sourced from Shell Fish, Human Hair or Bird Feathers. 

Kaged Muscle Glutamine is completely vegan/vegetarian friendly, hypoallergenic and sourced from Non-GMO sources.

Kris Gethin has long been a massive advocate for the supplementation of Creatine HCL over the widely known Creatine Monohydrate and for good reason. Creatine HCL has all the benefits of creatine monohydrate but without any of the side effects. The benefits of Creatine HCL include:

  • No bloating or water retention
  • No loading phase
  • Don't have to ingest anywhere near as much
  • Micro dosing 

Creatine has long been shown to be beneficial and effective to increase muscular strength & power in a natural and safe way. Creatine is essentially the fuel your body uses for activities that are explosive by nature, think resistance training, jumping, punching, sprinting etc. 


This stack costs $169.95 for the largest combination and contains 180 serves, making it $0.94/serve.


Complete your Kaged Muscle training stack with Pre-Kaged. This clinically dosed pre workout packs a punch and will have you smashing out your training sessions like no other.

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