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Killer Labz Exterminator

Killer Labz

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What is Killer Labz Exterminator

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Killer Labz Exterminator is a hard hitting high energy fat burning supplement.


 If you've been looking for a fat burner you can really feel going to work-this is it!

When it comes to burning body fat you need a product that hits hard, which this certainly does.

Every scoop of Exterminator packs powerful fat burning ingredients designed to increased your bodies metabolic rate and shred stubborn body fat.

This also doubles as a very effective energy supplement you can use as a fat burning pre-workout.

Here's a quick overview of the key ingredients:

Caffeine anhydrous: Powerful central nervous system stimulant caffeine increases energy and also works as to increase your bodies metabolic rate.

2-amino 5-methylheptane (DMHA) : Chances are you've heard everyone talking about this hot new ingredient on the market. DMHA is a powerful feel good stimulant to not only increase metabolic rate but also enhance sense of well-being. When combined with caffeine you have a recipe for a feel good energy that last for hours.

DMHA is also great for training as it helps to blunt pain receptors so you can push yourself harder for longer in the gym.

L-Carnitine: A staple in any complete fat burning supplement l-carnitine is a very effective fat metabolising ingredient. It's role is to transport fatty acids from their storage site into the cell to be used as an energy source. The bonus of carnitine is it also happens to be excellent for mental focus for a nice zoned in feeling while you train. 

Green Tea Extract:  Rich in polyphenols green tea is fantastic for freeing up fat cells so they can be burned as an energy source throughout the day. 

The ingredients in this fat burner compliment one another very well for a very comprehensive fat shredding formula.

Energy, focus, fat metabolisers and appetite control are all covered inna single scoop.


Mix 1 serve of Killer Labz Exterminator in 400ml water 15-30 minutes before training.

NOTE: This is a high energy product and we'd recommend starting out with half a serve to asses tolerance before moving up. 


This is $69.95 and 50 serves making it $1.40/serve.


To fuel muscle recovery stack this alongside Brute BCAA while you train. This uses a proven 2:1:1 ratio of branched chain amino acids to fuel recovery while you train. Push yourself harder with Killer Labz Exterminator but ensure you hang onto that hard earned muscle mass as well.