Axe and Sledge L-Citrulline Amino Acid

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Size: 200g
Flavour: Unflavoured
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Axe and Sledge L-Citrulline

Axe and Sledge L-Citrulline is a potent formulation of a key naturally occurring nutrient. Citrulline is found in our body, and in many common foods - but unless you eat your body weight in pumpkin, watermelon and cucumber every day, you’re likely missing out on some of its key benefits. Supplementation with a high-quality formula compound like Axe and Sledge’s L-Citrulline, allows you to get the most from this elusive little amino for additional training and performance fuel.


  • High-quality L-Citrulline supplement
  • Supports anaerobic and aerobic capacity
  • Stimulates protein synthesis
  • Decreases muscle fatigue

Our Thoughts

L-Citrulline is one of those chemical compounds which few people know about, but everyone could benefit from. Like so many micronutrients and amino acids, it is technically possible to get enough through diet alone - but we guarantee almost nobody does. Axe and Sledge’s L-Citrulline formula powers muscle strength and endurance, decrease fatigue and encourages protein synthesis.. So basically, it’s part of the magic recipe for getting stronger, faster and bigger than ever.

Note: Dietary supplements should not replace a balanced diet.

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