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Lecheek Nutrition Ampilean Black

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Ampilean Black is the newest thermogenic fat burning supplement from Lecheek Nutrition.

Don’t be fooled by the tiny serving size this things packs a punch!

 This is designed to increase your metabolic rate for powerful fat burning.

One thing you will notice within just a few minutes is the energy! This is one seriously potent product and not for the faint hearted. Dramatically increased energy and mental focus for hours can be expected.

Ampilean Black also packs a diuretic complex to have you looking leaner and drier in just days. Dropping excess water will give you a much harder/leaner appearance very quickly.

This can be taken before cardio to amp up energy levels and provide you the fuel to power through it. The energy is very long lasting and quite strong.
You also get a mood boosting compound. You will notice a nice boost in mood and state of mind which lasts for a number of hours.

When dieting and in a caloric deficit energy levels can tend to drop off. This is more than compensated for with this product.

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