Maddog Sling Shot by Sling Shot

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Maddog Sling Shot by Sling Shot

Maddog Sling Shot by Sling Shot is a premium bench press training and performance aid, designed to elicit the best technique and keep your body safe from injury. Easier to take on and off than a traditional bench shirt, the Maddog Sling Shot is a double ply version of Sling Shot’s original - meaning more assistance, more resistance, and more overload. And just like the rest of the range, the Maddog Sling Shot reduces injury risk and keeps muscles exactly where they should be so you train not just harder, but safer too.


  • Advanced bench press training tool
  • Increases overload potential
  • Reduces risk of injury
  • Double ply durable fabric design

Our Thoughts

We know that mastering the bench press is the dream of most athletes. It’s complex, it’s challenging.. And it’s very impressive. But holding that much weight directly above your head and chest comes with its share of risks, which is why we recommend safe training tools. The Maddog Sling Shot is the power athlete’s best friend - it’s incredibly thick and strong, so it increases your max lift, while helping stimulate proper technique and keep muscles tight and safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Maddog Slingshot
The Maddog Sling Shot is a bench press training tool. This was designed by Mark Bell after numerous shoulder issues and continual pain. This has been designed to teach optimal form and technique during the bench press.

It works in a similar fashion to a bench shirt. The main differences however are it is much softer, easier to get on/off and versatile. This model the the big boss of the range and is a double ply version of the original. These means you get much more assistance and provide greater overload.

This is designed for people benching upwards of 180kg. The doubly ply nature lends itself to replicating a bench shirt more accurately.

The Sling Shot simply slides up over the upper part of your arm and can be used in any variety of pressing exercises such as bench press, floor press, chain or band presses etc.

The Maddog Sling Shot has the most resistance in the entire range and is only recommended for people that can bench over 200kg. This is pretty heavy but there is a wide range of more suitable sling shots for other lifters.

This applies a large amount of overload and will allow you to handle more weight/reps/volume.

The Maddog Sling Shot is best suited to maximal effort work in the 1-3 rep range.

Use the guide below to choose the most suitable size. Please note we cannot exchange sizes on these so please choose carefully.

Sling Shot™ Size

Weight (lbs)


Under 140 lbs


141-180 lbs


181-220 lbs


221-300 lbs


Over 300 lbs



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