Magic Nutrition Free Shirt Bundle
Magic Nutrition Free Shirt Bundle

Magic Minos + Magic Whey + FREE Shirt

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Magic Minos by Magic Nutrition

Magic Nutrition College Tee

Magic Whey by Magic Nutrition

Magic Nutrition Free Shirt Bundle .


For the ultimate in athletic performance, muscle development, and training recovery, you can't go past the Magic Minos + Magic Whey stack with a free limited edition training t-shirt. 

With an ultra-premium whey protein to encourage the building of lean muscle mass and post-session recovery, plus a high-quality amino blend that allows you to find your best ever performance inside the gym, the Magic Nutrition Whey + Mino's stack is a cut above the rest. And if that wasn't enough, we're topping it all off with a limited-edition Magic Nutrition training shirt, exclusive to SpartanSuppz, so you can look as great as you feel on the gym floor.


Magic Whey protein supplement for muscle development and recovery
Magic Minos amino blend for ultimate hydration and performance
Limited edition lightweight Magic Nutrition training shirt
Magic Whey Description

Magic Whey by Magic Nutrition

Magic Whey by Magic Nutrition is more than just a delicious blended whey protein isolate and concentrate. With added CLAs, MCTs and Acetyl L-Carnitine, Magic Whey provides much-needed nutrients, and encourages thermogenesis and increased metabolic rate, making it an incredible supplement for weight loss. Like all whey protein powders, Magic Whey also promotes the repair of muscle tissues, so it will help fast-track your post-training recovery too.


  • Hybrid Whey Protein Isolate and Concentrate
  • 26g protein per serve 
  • Provides sustained release of amino acids
  • Added digestive enzymes for enhanced gut health
Magic Minos Description

Magic Minos by Magic Nutrition

Magic Minos by Magic Nutrition is a powerful BCAA and EAA supplement designed to support muscle recovery and repair and fuel heavy physical training. Combining proven dosages of all 9 essential amino acids, Magic Minos works to hydrate and energise your body during a workout, as well as kicking off immediate post-training replenishment and tissue repair. Fermented for optimised absorption and digestion, Magic Minos uses only premium ingredient sources - so you know you’re getting ultra-clean aminos which will fuel your body to it’s best ever performance. 


  • Scientific BCAA and EAA blend
  • Fuels muscle repair and recovery
  • Optimised for digestion
  • Encourages protein synthesis

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