Magnesium by 1st Phorm

Size: 90 Serves
Flavour: Lemon Tea
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Magnesium by 1st Phorm

Are you struggling to relax either from workouts or general life? Magnesium can help! Not all magnesium products are created equal, and it's no surprise that 1st Phorm has used only the highest quality forms of magnesium in this product. Each serving contains 420mg of Magnesium in varying forms including magnesium malate, magnesium chelate, and magnesium oxide. Please see the image of the nutrition label for a full breakdown.


  • Reduces muscle soreness
  • Strengthens bone structure
  • Improves relaxation
  • Tastes amazing

Our Thoughts

Magnesium supplements are a great choice for people who struggle to relax, and those prone to consistent muscle aches and soreness after exercise. Magnesium powders can be taken at any point during the day, however, most people report the most benefit when taken before bed.

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