Maxines Burn Protein Powder

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Maxines Burn Protein Powder

Maxines Burn Protein Powder is a lean whey protein blend designed specifically for ladies to support muscle recovery, toning and fat loss. The protein blend will fuel your muscle recovery after exercise and also help to keep your metabolism strong and there is also an added fat loss support complex. Whey protein is high in protein to support lean muscle mass. It is also high in leucine which is excellent for stimulating recovery after exercise. Burn also has added thermogenic to promote fat loss. When combined with a good diet and exercise program this will provide effective results.


  • Weight Loss Support Protein
  • 2 Sizes Available
  • Australian Made & Owned
  • Delicious Taste

Our Thoughts

If your goal is to get into shape and have that firm, toned look protein intake is very important. Muscle makes up the biggest control-able factor of your metabolic rate and doing some resistance training and eating sufficient protein every day supports a strong metabolic rate. This means your body is more efficient and you’ll be able to eat more while getting into shape in a more sustainable fashion.

What Does Maxines Burn Protein Powder Do?

Maxines Burn Protein Powder is a protein powder to support lean muscle. This is made from a blend of whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate making it ideal for use anytime throughout the day. This is an all-purpose protein powder that can be used both after training and at any other time throughout the day.

When Do I Take Maxines Burn Protein Powder?

Take 1 scoop of Maxines Burn Protein Powder 30-60 minutes immediately after training. This is the ideal time to take this product as it helps fuel muscle growth and repair. Another good time for a convenient protein source is before bed to help up build muscle and support fat loss while we sleep.

How To Take Maxines Burn Protein Powder?

Mix 1-2 scoops of Maxines Burn Protein Powder in 300ml water in a shaker and enjoy. This is best utilised in a program that includes some resistance training to support lean muscle growth and fat loss. Protein fuels muscle recovery and speeds up our metabolism so works well with weight training to achieve a firm, toned look. 

How Much Protein Is In Maxines Burn Protein Powder?

There’s 21.3g of protein per serve of Maxines Burn Protein Powder. This is equivalent to 100gm lean steak or 4 eggs as a reference point. It’s ideal to eat 2-2.5gm/kg of body weight per day to support muscle growth and repair so a high-quality protein powder is a great way to help reach your intake. 

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