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Maxines CLA by Maxs

Maxines CLA is a comprehensive Conjugated Linoleic Acid supplement. CLA has been touted as one of the "good fats" to help assist with skin health and weight loss. Part of the omega fatty acids family, CLA has been shown to have a whole host of health benefits. Supplementing with CLA has been shown to stimulate the signalling receptor group known as PPAR. The PPAR receptors help to stimulate the metabolism of glucose (carbohydrates) & fatty acids in particular.

Key Features

  • Suppress appetite
  • Australian owned and trusted brand
  • Stimulate metabolism of glucose

Our Thoughts

CLA is a powerful compound to help curb cravings in times of calorie restriction, along with preventing the decrease in metabolic rate during these times. So if you're someone who is dieting and are reducing your calorie intake, CLA could be a great addition to your existing supplement stack!

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