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Maxines Night - Spartansuppz
Maxines Night - Spartansuppz

Maxine's Night

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What Is Maxine's Night?

Maxine's Night, as the name suggests, is a nighttime protein supplement to help fuel your body while you sleep. Here is what you can expect:

  • Sustained Release of Protein
  • Better Recovery
  • Deeper, More Restful Sleep
  • Increased Lean Muscle Tissue

Maxine's Night is a blend of a whole host of ingredients that aim to give you a great night sleep, while also fuelling and repairing your muscle tissue after a long day. Maxine's Night uses a blend of Micellar Casein, Whey Protein Concentrate & Calcium Caseinate to release amino acids into the bloodstream for up to 8 hours.

In addition to the protein sources, Maxine also uses a blend of various natural herbal extracts and ingredients to create a better sleep environment internally. Ingredients such as Chamomile & Skullcap will help to calm your body down and put you in a better state to get a quality rest. 

As with most other Maxine's products, there are also ingredients to help improve your fat burning potentials like L-Carnitine, African Mango, Green Tea and Raspberry Ketones. 

This is a great all-around night time protein source that will help get you to your goals quicker.

Please note, if you are lactose intolerant or lactose sensitive, this product may not be suitable for use. 


How Do I Use It?

We recommend taking 1 serve of Maxine's Night with 500ml of water 30 minutes before going to bed. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Maxine's Night is $59.95 for a 1kg size which contains 40 servings. 

Should I Take Anything Else For Optimal Results?

To optimise recovery and your fat burning potential, try adding Maxine's Burn as your protein source. This is an incredibly lean protein shake with added fat burning ingredients.

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Customer Reviews

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Best vegan protein powder ever!

By far the best vegan protein powder I’ve had in over 5 years. Not chalky at all, blends well in any liquid, and cooking.
Also if you don’t like coconut flavour, I’d still recommend this! It has an initial coconut-y smell, but you can barely taste it!

MRE Dutch Apple Pie

Great product, taste great, looking forward to trying the other flavours