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Maxines Xt Burn Energise - Spartansuppz
Maxines Xt Burn Energise - Spartansuppz

Maxine's XT Burn Energise


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What Is Maxine's XT Burn Energise?

Maxine's XT Burn Energise is a strategically formulated fat burning pre workout. Here is what you can expect:

  • Increased Energy & Focus
  • Increased Performance 
  • Zero Crash
  • Increased Fat Burning

Maxine's XT Burn Energise comprises of a variety of ingredients to help fuel your body for an optimal workout. The Energy & Focus Matrix is made up of ingredients such as Caffeine Anhydrous & Choline Bitartrate to improve energy, along with mental focus and clarity.

The Thermogenic Fat Burning Matrix is comprised of 3 different forms of L-Carnitine to help transport fatty acids to be used as an energy source,  Halostachine & CapsiAstra® to boost metabolic rate and Green Coffee Bean Extract to improve blood sugar levels.   

To finish, Maxine's Burn XT Energise have also included a blend of Branch Chain Amino Acids & Glutamine to help stimulate muscle recovery, decrease muscle soreness and improve digestive health.

How Do I Use It?

We recommend taking 1 serve of Maxine's XT Burn Energise in 300ml of water 20-30 minutes before your training session. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Maxine's XT Burn Energise is $49.95 for 30 serves. 

Should I Take Anything Else For Optimal Results?

To optimise recovery and your fat burning potential, try adding Maxine's Burn as your protein source. This is an incredibly lean protein shake with added fat burning ingredients.

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