Retro Clean Mass by Maxs

  • $79.95
  • $111.95

Maxs Retro Clean Mass

1. What Is It? Maxs Retro Clean Mass is a high-quality lean mass gainer.

2. How Do I Use It? Take 1-2 servings daily depending on your calorie goal.

3. How Much Does It Cost? This is $79.95 for 22 servings.

To celebrate Australian company Maxs 30 year anniversary they have released the limited edition version of the popular mass gainer, Clean Mass.

The label is a throwback to the very first label design for Maxs protein in 1979.

This is only available for a very limited amount of time so be sure to grab yourself a bit of history.

Clean Mass uses a balanced ratio of protein and carbohydrates so you have an ideal formula to promote muscle recovery and gaining size without adding tons of body fat.

When it comes to putting on size and strength you require two things:

  • Enough protein
  • Enough total calories

Absolute Mass helps you achieve both of these requirements.

This uses Max's anabolic protein blend which has been designed and formulated to keep your body sustained for longer. It comes from 4 different types of protein:

Whey Protein Hydrolysate: Very fast-acting, immediate-release protein source ideal around training times

Whey Protein Isolate: Very high in protein, low in carbs & fat and ideal for building lean muscle mass

Whey Protein Concentrate: Medium digestion speed ideal for sustaining you between meals. It's also excellent for digestive health & immune support.

Micellar Casein: Very slow-digesting and ideal for sustaining your body for longer periods of time and controlling appetite.

This combines everything from fast to slow-acting protein sources so you have something that will be suitable for any time throughout the day.

The carbohydrate blend is made up of cane sugar, maltodextrin, waxy maize, rich starch, and potato starch.

This has been designed to work synergistically with the protein matrix in the product.

The blended nature of the carbohydrates provides your body with fast, medium and slower digesting sources to sustain you for longer.

Max's have also gone a step further and added l-glutamine, creatine and AAKG to the blend to aid in muscle power, strength & recovery.

Should I Take Anything Else For Best Results?

The top 2 supplements when it comes to gaining muscle size and strength are protein powder and creatine. For creatine, we'd recommend taking Max's Creatine X8. With 8 types of creatine per serve, this has everything you need to increase muscle power and compliments Maxs Retro Clean Mass.