SuperShred Bar by Maxs

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SuperShred Bar by Maxs

What is it? SuperShred Bars are low carb, carb blocking high protein bars.

How do I use it? SuperShred bars are an ideal snack for in between meals, or a quick and easy meal on the go.

Who is this for? These bars are suited to anyone who is looking to increase their protein intake each day, as well as those who are looking to curb hunger cravings.

Maxs are one of Australias most well known and trusted supplement brands, and the SuperShred bar is their staple protein bar, containing a whopping 22g of protein in each serve.

Key Features:

  • 22g of protein in every bar
  • Thermogenic fat burning ingredients including L-Carnitine & Green Coffee
  • Amazing, soft flavours
  • No chewy texture like most protein bars

What Are The Key Ingredients Found In SuperShred Bars?

Each bar contains a protein blend of Whey Protein Isolate (WPI), Soy Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) as well as Calcium Caseinate. 

In addition to this, you also receive a thermogenic/carb blocking blend of ingredients such as Phaseolamin, Green Coffee Extract and L-Carnitine.

Why Eat A Protein Bar?

Protein bars are an ideal choice for people looking to increase their daily protein intake, as well as those looking to curb snacking in between meals.

What Flavour is the Most Popular?

All of the flavours in SuperShred bars are very good, however, our favourite at Spartans HQ has been the chocolate.

When Do I Take This Product?

In between meals or as a snack is recommended for this product.

Who Can Take SuperShred Bars?

This product is fine for any healthy adult.

Does This Product Have Any Side Effects?

In healthy individuals, following the recommended doses there are not likely to be any side effects - please consult a health professional if you notice any adverse effects.

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